“Here time is not the master”



Beer Baths of Brewery Czenstochovia HOTEL&SPA

Beer Baths’ Ritual

(time: about 1hour 50minutes)

Relax in the aromatic Finnish steam bath,steam bath and a salt grotto.

The first step of the Beer Baths is rest in the relaxation room in the basement climate of the old brewery. During this time you can use a bath in a dry sauna, steam bath or lying on a cedar deck chair using a microclimate of salt wall. Bathing in saunas offer many benefits including : relaxation of tired and tense muscles, improving blood circulation and metabolism, removing toxins from the organism, reducing of rheumatic symptoms, strengthening the resilience.

Bath calms the nervous tension , reduces stress and mental fatigue and boosts energy. The microclimate created by the salt in the warm room ,negatively ionizes the air and imbues them with microelements and makes us feel a positive impact on improving well-being. The total relaxation time is 55 minutes.

Bathing in the dried beer

The next step of the Beer Baths is a bath in a wooden tub with the ingredients of which produces beer: hops, malt and yeast. The element of reinforce intensity of the bath and the effect of the treatment is the proper selection of the bath temperature (36 C+-1C) and the use of aeration. Spray of bubbles accelerates the dissolution of the ingredients of hops and malt, making it easier to absorb into the skin. During the bath all the time we have the opportunity of tasting unpasteurized beer. Bath time is 25 minutes.

Resting on a deckchair

The last step of Beer Baths is relaxing on a wooden deckchair. We are wrapped in a soft blanket, listen to music, drink some beer. The duration of the final step is 25 minutes.

Medicinal Properties

Hops has got antibacterial and antifungal properties, soothes skin problems, rheumatic pain and inflammation of the nerve roots. Malt stabilizes collagen and elastin, improves microcirculation , vitalizes the skin and prevents premature aging of the skin. Yeast contain group B vitamin and mineral substances, improve the appearance of the skin , prevent the formation of small wrinkles, firm and smooth the skin, accelerate the healing of skin inflammation, create a filter on the skin to assist the maintenance of water in the epidermis.


The beer bath is also recommended for people suffering from insomnia: soothes, calms, relaxes.

To enhance the effect of therapy, we recommend 12 hours after the bath do not wash the body.