“Good beer loves eating”



We are located in a historical building whose origin back to the early twentieth century. Our restaurant is a two-level place for about 190 people. There is a dining room inside the acting craft brewery where you can see how brew completely natural beer. We also have a typical pub room which is a perfect place to get -together with beer and snacks (including smoking).

The motto of our cuisine is the author’s vision of our chef :

Dear Guests,

When I was composing a new edition of our menu , I tried to spice up your taste choices.

This key has caused that all culinary variations relate to specific kinds of meat or fish.

I would recommend two versions of goose, a rarely species of corn chicken, high-quality of beef or pork which is prepared in 3 different methods as well as fresh fish.

I have the honour to propose to you also regional dishes of Jurassic table which is certified by Silesian Tastes including already awarded by the Tourist Organization of Częstochowa: ”żurek na maślance”- sour soup prepared in the old polish style.

I hope the taste sensations fully satisfy all of our guests.

Łukasz Kozioł

Chef Restaurant of Brewery Czenstochovia